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Time for Summer Cleanup

Top 10 Tips For Summer Cleanup

Top 10 Tips to Make Summer Cleanup a Breeze! This week we cover the top 10 tips for summer cleanup, a shortlist from Better Homes and Gardens. Get ready to put on your summer cleanup garb, as we offer you these top 10 tips for summer cleanup...

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New Construction: 3 Important Tips for Buyers

New Construction During The Housing Shortage in 2021 If you are a home buyer then new construction may improve your chances of owning your dream home. But first, you have to be able to afford the high prices of new construction today. Regardin...

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Re Financing Your Home 2

Refinancing your home: the best time may be now!

Refinancing your home: Put on your financing caps! This week we are talking about refinancing your home. So, there's a lot to learn while considering why 2021 may be the best time to refinance.   Your biggest financial commitment ...

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DIscover New C

Discovering New Communities On Your Path

Discovering New Communities In our previous blog we talked about navigating The Dias Team website and signing up to start working searching communities. Now we will talk about the ways of discovering new communities on your search to finding a...

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10 Coolest Towns in RI featured image resize

10 Coolest Towns in Rhode Island

10 Coolest Towns in Rhode Island and Homes for Sale There This week we posted a video snapshot of Charlestown on social media. Coincidently, Charlestown is on the list of 10 Coolest Towns in Rhode Island on only in your state. Though it is the...

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Green Thumb Gardening Tips For Selling Your Home Featured Image

Gardening tips for selling your home

Do you have a green thumb? Here Are Some Gardening Tips for Selling Your Home Spring has begun, so it's the perfect time to talk about gardening tips and selling your home. At last, we have two beautiful seasons ahead to work on making this...

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Great Porch Ideas Blog Featured Images

Great Porch Ideas: Happy Spring!

The Great Porch Ideas Adventure It's that time of year when spending quality time on the porch is a must! So, how does your porch look? We have some great porch ideas for you to get the creative juices going. In this article, we will co...

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Selling a Home: 7 Steps to Making the Move

Steps in Selling a Home from Keller Williams There is a lot to unpack in the steps of selling a home. First, just look at how many times a person in this country will make the move. According to the current statistics in 2021 a person in Ameri...

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K shapedRecoveryBlog

Buying A Home or Selling During the K-shaped Recovery

The Dias Team will help make buying a home or selling a home a stress free experience! Purchasing a home is one of life’s biggest and most important financial decisions So, how does the k-shaped recovery impact buying a home or selling a ho...

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