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10 Coolest Towns

10 Coolest Towns in Rhode Island

10 Coolest Towns in Rhode Island and Homes for Sale There This week we posted a video snapshot of Charlestown on social media. Coincidently, Charlestown is on the list of 10 Coolest Towns in Rhode Island on only in your state. Though it is the...

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Gardening Tips For Selling Your Home

Gardening tips for selling your home

Do you have a green thumb? Here Are Some Gardening Tips for Selling Your Home Spring has begun, so it's the perfect time to talk about gardening tips and selling your home. At last, we have two beautiful seasons ahead to work on making this...

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Great Porch Ideas

Great Porch Ideas: Happy Spring!

The Great Porch Ideas Adventure It's that time of year when spending quality time on the porch is a must! So, how does your porch look? We have some great porch ideas for you to get the creative juices going. In this article, we will co...

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Steps to Selling a Home

Selling a Home: 7 Steps to Making the Move

Steps in Selling a Home from Keller Williams There is a lot to unpack in the steps of selling a home. First, just look at how many times a person in this country will make the move. According to the current statistics in 2021 a person in Ameri...

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Buying a Home or Selling in K-Shaped Recovery

Buying A Home or Selling During the K-shaped Recovery

The Dias Team will help make buying a home or selling a home a stress free experience! Purchasing a home is one of life’s biggest and most important financial decisions So, how does the k-shaped recovery impact buying a home or selling a ho...

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Dreading Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning time is back again!

Are you dreading spring cleaning? What comes to mind when you think of spring? Warmer weather, outdoor activities like walking, jogging, running and gardening. Now think about spring cleaning. Don’t go! Wait. Let’s take a deep breath and s...

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off-market properties review

Finding Off-Market Properties For Home Buying

10 Ways to Finding Off-Market Properties This week we will review an article discussing 10 ways to finding off-market properties. Many home buyers are seeking to live the dream in a home of their own but feel at a loss to actually find it. Oft...

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Love Where You Live Or MOVE!

Love Where You Live Or Move Is Getting More Popular

This might be the best way to Love Where You Live In earlier posts, we discussed the best places to live. In particular, these places were towns or cities in Rhode Island or Massachusetts. This week we explore the more philosophical discussion...

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Best Places To Live in Southeastern Massachusetts

Best Places To Live In Southeastern Massachusetts

Looking to find one of the best places to live in southeastern Massachusetts? We can help you with your search. Certainly, The Dias Team provides expertise in some of the best places to live in southeastern Massachusetts. Although the borders...

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Best Place To Live in RI

Best Places to Live and Be Happy in Rhode Island

The Best Places To Live in Rhode Island If you are thinking about the best places to live in Rhode Island, then we've got some interesting data for you. First, we've found a site that used science and data to determine which Rhode Island citi...

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