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Great Porch Ideas: Happy Spring!

The Great Porch Ideas Adventure

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It’s that time of year when spending quality time on the porch is a must! So, how does your porch look? We have some great porch ideas for you to get the creative juices going.

In this article, we will cover some of the newest ideas in 2021 for a porch and patio. In addition to new decor trends we’ll also dive into make-overs from cement slab to a stoop to a four season room.

Great Ideas for an Indoor Porch

It is suggested by Better Homes and Gardens to approach decorating an indoor porch the same way you would a typical living room. Decide on a cohesive color scheme and introduce elements to make the space feel cozy and inviting. An area rug and sheer curtains add softness, while a statement light fixture and wall decor make an indoor porch appear homier and more personalized.

There are over 30 suggestions in Better Homes that will definitely keep you busy just thinking about it!

Adding a fresh coat of paint will always freshen up any room. Working indoors may lead you to some more environmentally friendly less toxic choices.

Here is a list of low or no VOC paint as suggested on  The Good Trade’s newsletter:

  1. Claire Paints:  Price | $54 a gallon   Adding a fresh coat of paint will always freshen up any room. Working indoors may lead you to some more environmentally friendly less toxic choices.
  2. The Real Milk Paint Co: Price | $60/gallon  Milk paint is made from milk protein, and is a healthier alternative that is not a water-based latex or oil-based paint, like many commercial options.
  3. BioShield Price: $48|gallon  BioShield is an eco-friendly paint company that offers a line of solvent-free, zero-VOC paints for interior, exterior as well as wall finishes and wood stains.
  4. Sherwin Williams Harmony Price: | $59/gallon  Not only is Sherwin-Williams Harmony line completely free of VOCs, but their innovative technology also helps to purify your home’s air by reducing toxic emissions from other household products and odors from pets.
  5. Benjamin Moore Natura: Price | $57/gallon  The Natura line is Benjamin Moore’s collection of zero-VOCs paint. This is certified asthma- and allergy-friendly!
  6. ECOS Paint: Price | $65/gallon
  7. Behr Premium Plus: Price|$28/gallon
  8. Earth Pigments: Price|$54 for 5 kg of base


When it comes to flooring there are many choices as you already know from any visit to your local hardware store. As mentioned early on, if your flooring is a cement slab there are 7 ways to add character to consider:

  1. Concrete Stamping
  2. Outdoor Tile
  3. Acid Staining
  4. Faux Tile
  5. Faux Brick
  6. Floor Decking Tiles
  7. Painted Stripes

The easiest and most inexpensive is the painted stripes. Also, the favorite pick from Our for those drawn “to coastal or Southern homes with painted stripes” and finished in just one day!

Outdoor Porch and Patio

Following the trends for home updates is always good especially if you are considering selling your home. Comparatively speaking the outdoor porch is in greater demand most especially since living in the time of Covid. “The top features home buyers want in the age of coronavirus are a quiet property or neighborhood, followed by more outdoor space, such as a yard or patio,” says Andrina Valdes, executive sales leader and COO of Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc. in Texas.

As we mentioned in previous posts 2021 trends are toward natural furnishings. But when it comes to outdoor furniture you might ask what is the most durable material for outdoor furniture? Metal is typically the strongest and most durable material for outdoor garden furniture.

Well, there are still so many more ideas we can share in future posts about porch and patio makeovers. If you would like a consultation on your home updates needed to sell contact The Dias Team. Spring is here! What a perfect time to get started!

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