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Top 10 Tips For Summer Cleanup

Top 10 Tips to Make Summer Cleanup a Breeze!

This week we cover the top 10 tips for summer cleanup, a shortlist from Better Homes and Gardens. Get ready to put on your summer cleanup garb, as we offer you these top 10 tips for summer cleanup that will make backyard entertaining a brighter experience!

  • Dust and Reverse Ceiling Fans 
  • Clean Kitchen Cabinets
  • Perk Up Patio Furniture
  • Prevent Mold in the Bathroom
  • Get Ready to Grill
  • Freshen Window Treatments
  • Tackle Gutter Cleaning
  • Ensure Cool Air Flows Freely
  • Tidy the Garage
  • Clear Cracks of Mold

In the top 10 tips of summer cleaning mold in bathrooms is mentioned. But, one of the most annoying aspects of outdoor patio furniture is mold and mildew that accumulates. In fact, as someone with allergies knows, this can be a very real health concern. Consequently, you want to keep the area as free of mold as possible. So, after scouring the internet for wholistic remedies, one natural cleaning agent kept popping up: vinegar.

Also, many of the plastic compounds out today do not need a lot of care. For example, similar to vinyl siding,  a simple power-wash with water is, sometimes, all that is needed.

When Summer Cleanup makes you realize you’re ready to Downsize!

It’s a tough decision to move and the pandemic lockdown caused many to delay plans to downsize. But as more and more people are getting vaccinated, this summer is looking like it may be back to normal. And, hopefully not just for the summer.

According to a recent article in Real Estate from Boston Globe display an interesting picture for one such baby boomer couple:

“Jonathan and Elisa Sweig interviewed at their home in Boston. The couple downsized during the pandemic from a five-bedroom Colonial, with a yard and pool, in Franklin, to a Back Bay condo.” Craig F. Walker/Globe staff

For Jonathan and Elisa, their choice offered more perks like an in-unit laundry setup and a patio for gardening and grilling. That might be true for you and we can help you find it!

If you are thinking about selling get connected to us today. We offer a free consultation and home evaluation.