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Wellness Check on Real Estate

Have you heard of the latest interest in a wellness check on real estate? Your home environment could be a lot better. This week we look at what makes a “healthy” home.

Wellness Check on Real Estate ROI

We turn to a recent article written by Forbes on the ROI Trends Of Wellness Design Home Features. For instance, the pandemic really brought the awareness of the home environment to the fore. So, the attention to the way we live and breath in our home suddenly became the focus of home design. 

Non-Toxic Materials in the Home

Amanda Pendleton, a home trends expert for real estate platform Zillow, states that there is a 15% increase in the number of for-sale listings mentioning wellness compared to last year. Furthermore, more mentions of non-toxic materials, anti-microbial surfaces, and anti-bacterial features like touch-less toilets pop up in listings today compared to just a year ago.

Just check out the Well by Design website and you will see the changes made to create a healthier lifestyle at home. The question is, who can afford these “in-demand features”? Even the low VOC paints are more expensive, as you well know. Low-VOC paint can cost about $40 to $50 per gallon. Meanwhile, no-VOC paint costs about $50 to $60 per gallon

The Demand for Wellness

Forbes discusses the trends with Mikaela Arroyo, New Home Trends Institute director at John Burns Real Estate. He states that with less buyer demand, builders are looking for ways to differentiate themselves that are affordable (think smart tech, health, energy efficiency). Therefore, curation of the features can bring the most ROI to buyers.


Wellness of Quartz Countertops 1

For instance, quartz countertops have a 2.3% higher sell rate. Quartz is less porous than granite thus, more durable. Quartz is nearly indestructible, and because it isn’t porous like granite, it’s easy to keep your countertops relatively bacteria-free.


Another example is saltwater pool versus chlorinated pool. A saltwater pool, according to Zillow, has a 2.1% sale premium. A saltwater pool is a more expensive initial investment but still has a better ROI.

Salt Water Pool Wellness Real Estate 1

Salt Water Pool Wellness

Furthermore, you can expect to pay somewhere around $300 to $800 a year on the chemicals you’ll need to maintain a chlorine pool. For a saltwater pool, you can expect the cost of chemicals and salt to run closer to $70 to $100 a year.

Meditation Room

Do you have a small room in your home? Maybe this room is a little too small for a bedroom. Well, the next best thing is a meditation room. The data shows that homes with a meditation room can sell for 1.7% more than similar homes.

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