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Staging Your Home to Sell

Staging your home to sell may be the last thing you have on your mind. But, according to, now may be the best time to sell. We wrote about selling your home during the holiday season in 2021. And in 2020, we wrote five reasons to do so!

Staging Your Home to Sell Basics

So to cover the basics of staging your home we go to the National Realtors Association Realtor Magazine article. They defer to hotel and interior design experts offering tips for staging primary bedrooms with “touches of luxe”.

Millenials are the largest share of home buyers, their opinion matters. Subsequently, the furniture and home decor company, CB2(link is external), named “luxury for all” as one of the top three home trends of 2022. 

It is time for high design to break free of the auction houses and galleries. Beautiful, well-made items are for anyone who has a passion for them.

6 Ways to Staging Your Home to Sell

Currently, many hotels infuse the lobby with seasonal signature scents ranging from the distinct smoky-spicy aroma of Hotel Emma(link is external) in San Antonio to the gentle waft of cherries and lilies in The St. Regis New York(link is external)

  1. Limit Art and Accessories: All experts agree to limit the personal and remain simple.
  2. Choose Crisp White Bedding: For example, the principal designer claims that often colors don’t show well on camera, but white looks bright and clean and gives off that hotel vibe.
  3. Pick a Signature Scent: The flowers mentioned below might serve well for the scent.
  4. Take Cues from Nature: Likewise, take nature into the home. Fresh flowers are always a pleasant way to do so.
  5. Include a Seating Area: No matter how limited the space; you can create a thoughtful sitting area.
  6. Balance the Layout: For instance, leave 3 to 4 feet on each side when choosing a bed.

Staging Your Home for Sale During the Holidays

Staging Your Home to Sell During the Holidays 1

First, give the best impression, and do not over-decorate. That means keep the inflatable for the next holiday spent in your new home. What is more, HGTV offers seven staging ideas to keep it simply elegant. To illustrate, you can view the gallery slideshow here.



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