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Home Renovations To Consider Before Selling

Top 5 Home Renovations

Are you thinking about selling your home? If so, here we cover some of the top home renovations that will help improve the value of your home.

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Renovations To Improve the Value of Your Home

First, improving energy efficiency is one of the topmost important renovations. Furthermore, energy efficiency upgrades can not only lower your energy bill; they can also increase your home’s value. A National Association of Home Builder survey found that if a home show reduced energy costs of $1,000 annually, the average home buyer will be willing to pay an additional $8,728.

Second, fixing up the exterior is also particularly important for selling a home. Of course, curb appeal is one of the top catch phrases when discussing home sales. In fact Better Homes & Gardens sites 23 ways to achieve curb appeal.

Another home improvement on the top 5 is kitchen remodeling. As you may have heard, kitchens are something buyers pay close attention to. According to the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trends Report 2018, 58 percent of buyers who purchased in the last 12 months said having their preferred style of kitchen was particularly important to their home-buying decision.

And the fourth renovation to add to the list is the bathroom update. According to Dan Rochon, a real estate agent with Keller Williams. “After helping hundreds of clients sell their homes for maximum profit, we have found that the best places to spend money are in the kitchen, the bathrooms and out front with your curb appeal.”

Lastly, the fifth home improvement is sprucing up interior with a coat of paint. Supposedly, this least expensive improvements will incur the biggest return. If you want to learn more about boosting value read this article at

House Renovations Financed By North Eastern Private Lenders

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