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Finding Off-Market Properties For Home Buying

10 Ways to Finding Off-Market Properties

This week we will review an article discussing 10 ways to finding off-market properties. Many home buyers are seeking to live the dream in a home of their own but feel at a loss to actually find it. Often times this becomes an impossible task with such low inventory as we see today.

In the article, the author suggest more than one strategy to help get you started. The magic number 10 seems to fit the bill for home buyers and investors.

  1. Direct Mail
  2. Online Resources
  3. Networking
  4. Real Estate Agent
  5. Builders & Contractors
  6. Wholesalers
  7. Public Record
  8. Word of Mouth
  9. Real Estate Auctions
  10. Driving for Dollars

Off-market properties review

The 4 top ways to buy your dream home

So, let’s focus on the top 4 of the 10 ways outlined above which would be most likely of interest for homebuyers versus real estate investing and selling. The first two direct mail and online resources involve targeting your home seller with postcards or ads expressing your interest in in buying a home. Ultimately, networking achieves the same result only by doing it with greater chance of lead generation. It is suggested to keep your eye on real estate events in your area. Here is where number 4 comes into play.

Now we get to the prominently emboldened Number 4, which leads us to The Dias Team!

While real estate agents are most familiar with properties on the MLS, they can also be just as savvy when it comes to finding off market deals…Agents are often privy to which properties are just about to go on the market.

To improve your chances of success in home buying in Rhode Island and select areas in Southeastern Massachusetts contact The Dias Team.

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