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Coastal Life in Washington County

Top 3 Places to Live in Washington County 

Are you wondering where the best coastal areas to live in Rhode Island are? With this in mind, we will cover living the coastal life in Washington County. And lastly, we offer a search to help you navigate through homes for sale in 3 towns. 

About Washington County

Washington County was created as Kings County in 1729 within the Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. It was renamed Washington County on October 29, 1781 in honor of George Washington. Furthermore, at the earliest stage of colonial settlement, the area was called “The Narragansett Country”, named after the Naragansett tribe and its tributary tribe the Niantics, both of whom lived in the area.

Now, we dive into the top 3 places to live. If you are interested in getting the full list of top places in Washington County, click At the present time, we will tackle the top 3. 

  1. North Kingstown
  2. South Kingstown
  3. Narragansett

Best Schools for Coastal Life in Washington County

As previously discussed, North Kingstown and South Kingstown are noted for the best schools in Rhode Island. Likewise, according to, Narragansett is listed #4 in Best Public High Schools in Rhode Island. And, since the school season is about to begin, we thought we would stick to that agenda.

Living the Coastal Life 1

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