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Finding A Home: Discovering Historic Providence, RI

Finding a Home: Neighborhoods in Providence For the rest of the summer we will search through neighborhoods we service. Summer is a great time to plan a ride in search of finding a home for sale! So, we will start with finding a home in Provid...

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Selling a Home: 7 Steps to Making the Move

Steps in Selling a Home from Keller Williams There is a lot to unpack in the steps of selling a home. First, just look at how many times a person in this country will make the move. According to the current statistics in 2021 a person in Ameri...

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DreadingSpringCleaning 1

Spring Cleaning time is back again!

Are you dreading spring cleaning? What comes to mind when you think of spring? Warmer weather, outdoor activities like walking, jogging, running and gardening. Now think about spring cleaning. Don’t go! Wait. Let’s take a deep breath and s...

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