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Summer and Real Estate 2022

Summer is finally here! So, let’s talk about what summer and real estate 2022 will look like.

Summer and Real Estate 2022

According to US news there are some significant changes expected this summer in real estate. Essentially, the following market trends are shaping up this summer and in the latter half of 2022: 

  • Rising interest rates make buying a home more expensive, and homeowners are disinclined to sell. 
  • The prime time for refinancing mortgages has passed. 
  • Affordability limits are also reaching the new construction market. 
  • Rents are still rising, but not necessarily as fast as the last year.

Summer and Real Estate 2022 Mortgage Rates STILL historically lower this summer 

Even though rates are rising they are comparatively lower than the past decades. To illustrate see the charts from  

The war in Ukraine and inflation have caused significant economic disruption. Thus, the Feds are inching up the rates to reduce the chance of recession.

In short, all signs point toward higher rates in 2022. So don’t wait on mortgage rates to drop this year. They could fall for short periods of time, but we’re likely to see an overall upward trend in the coming months.

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