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Paint Color Trends 2022: Life Changing Color

Now that we’re heading toward Q4 2021, let’s talk paint color trends 2022! Lifting our spirits while adding potential value to our home with color is a great start to post pandemic living.

Paint Color Trends 2022: Post Pandemic Lifestyle

To begin, ZillowGroup is currently pointing to colors that will have add  astounding value to your home. For instance, light blue in your bathroom is your “best bet”.

Light blue was by far the most popular color for a bathroom. Survey participants who viewed a light blue bathroom claimed they’d be willing to pay more: a 1.6% increase in offer price or a nearly $5,000 increase in value on a $290,000 home, on average.” *

Paint Color Trends Best Bet Blue Bathroom

Paint Color Trends 2022 Best Bet Blue Bathroom

Next, for the kitchen Zillow calls best bet: white! Surprised? In fact, light neutral colors tends to “greatly increase interest in touring a property. It also ups the likelihood of a potential buyer purchasing the home.”

Trends 2022 Bright White Kitchen

Trends 2022 Bright White Kitchen

Now, blue is a popular color as noted above, but there is a significant shift to deeper blue when it comes to the bedroom. According to Better Homes & Gardens for instance, “blue also proved advantageous in primary bedrooms, but survey respondents gravitated toward deeper, moodier shades that help foster a cozy atmosphere. When used in the bedroom, dark blue paint colors like Sojourn Blue M500-5 were associated with a $1,500-increase in the home’s value (based on a $290,000 home).”

Color Trends Moody Blue Bedroom

Color Trends Moody Blue in 2022 Bedroom

*ZillowGroup article on color 2022

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