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New Film Explores Unconventional Living Space

A new film explores unconventional living space in Providence Place Mall. Back in 2003, a group of eight artists, known as Trummerkind, embarked on an unconventional adventure. They covertly built a 750-square-foot studio apartment inside the Providence Place Mall in Providence, Rhode Island. This clandestine living space was tucked away in one of the mall’s parking garages. Thus, hidden from the bustling shoppers and mall security.

The escapade lasted for four years. During that time, they would occasionally reside in their secret oasis for up to three weeks. Consequently the artists transformed this unlikely location into their creative haven. It became a place where they would read, talk, play video games, and even film their experiences. Imagine the juxtaposition of artistry against the backdrop of retail giants!

A New Film About Performance Art

The apartment had furnishings smuggled into the mall, including a hutch complete with china. Michael Townsend, one of the artists, was even permanently banned from the mall after their hideaway was discovered. Despite the legal repercussions, the group saw their time spent under the mall as a form of performance art itself.

Secret Mall Apartment Documentary

So, fast forward to today. Now, their remarkable story is the subject of a documentary film titled “Secret Mall Apartment”. The film explores themes of gentrification, capitalism, and the boundary between public and private spaces. It will premiere at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, on March 10, 2024. The movie’s producer and director, Jeremy Workman, believes that the desire to live in a mall resonates with our inner child—a dream of escaping convention and embracing the unexpected.

While the film debuts in Austin, we hope it will soon be available locally, allowing us all to peek into this extraordinary chapter of artistic rebellion and urban legend123. 🎨🛒

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