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Home upgrades that cost less than $100

There are some easy home upgrades that cost less than $100. Furthermore, right now is a great time to spend indoors getting them done.

home upgrades that cost less than 100 kitchen cabinets

5 home upgrades that cost less than $100

  1. Paint Outdated Cabinets
  2. Replace Kitchen Hardware
  3. Upgrade Your Bathroom Mirror
  4. Update Your Fireplace
  5. Change Out a Main Light Fixture or Two

If you want to see more upgrades for less than $100 just click here.

House Flipping Private Financing News

Since we’re on the topic of upgrades, let’s talk more about house renovations. If you are interested in real estate development like house flipping or apartment rental, visit our private financing page.

What Do We Offer?

First,  there is a 10% Down Payment. Second, we offer 1 Year Loans, no prepayment penalties. Third, 100% rehab funded 100% of the time. We offer competitive rate and points

And, we close fast, usually within a few days. Also, there are no appraisal fees, no credit checks, no up-front fees, and no rehab draw fees!

It is also important to know this is only non-owner occupied residential funding for flips, apartments and new construction.

To illustrate, check out this video to view some fabulous house flips we financed. And, when you’re done give us a call at (401) 639-3163 to chat about your next dream job.

Dias Team News

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132 Wendell Street in Providence Now Under Contract!

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