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Does a Pool Add Value?

For our summer series blog we decided to talk pools. Specifically, does a pool add value to your home or not. 

Value of Swimmnig Pool

Real Estate Value of Having a Pool 

In summary, HGTV claims: 

Doing the Math 

Real estate experts estimate that an average 14×28-foot inground concrete swimming-pool potentially adds 5 to 8 percent to the real estate worth of your home. If your property is worth $400,000, you will realize a boost to the value of your property of about $20,000 to $32,000. But the average cost of installing a 14×28-foot in-ground concrete pool is about $50,000, which means you will only recoup a portion of your original pool investment. 

The Joy of a Pool

Of course, the larger the pool the larger the price. And the cost of maintenance needs to be considered as you will read in links added in this article. But, here’s a cool and refreshing thought from Bankrate: Swimming pools are getting more popular, since the pandemic.

Despite delays for some equipment and building materials, the swimming pool construction industry has grown 2.4% per year on average since 2017. This is according to market research company IBISWorld. And it’s expected to continue over the next five years. Buoyed by virus-averse homeowners who want to avoid public pools and communal beaches, and splash in the privacy of their own homes.

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