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Do You Love Home Eye Candy?!

Do you have a home eye candy obsession?

If you have a compulsion for home eye candy, you are not alone.  During the 2020 pandemic people have been surfing Zillow madly for beautiful homes:

According to Zillow, traffic to for-sale listings from the Charlotte metro area spiked 52.2% year over year, reaching a peak in mid-May and continuing to remain well above 2019 levels. For many Zillow surfers, it’s not just daydreaming.In Charlotte, homes are going under contract in just six days — that’s 13 days faster than one year ago — and at a median sale price that is 10.6% higher than last year for the week ending Oct. 3

And it is not just happening in Charlotte, Virginia. There are many beautiful places to surf for home eye candy right here in Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.  Here’s just one example from Newport, Rhode Island found on our quick search:

Bellevue Avenue, Newport

But just remember the definition of eye candy: “All of that is simple eye candy,[] we need to get to nuts and bolts.” Surfing the internet for beautiful homes is a lot of fun and a great escape.

Nevertheless, that search may actually lead you to a place you can actually afford. That’s where the Dias Team can help. So if you’re interested in more than just surfing let us know.

In the meantime, click HERE to see more of Newport County!