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Best time to buy a home to keep or flip

January and February are usually the least expensive time to purchase a home. In other words, winter could be the best time to buy a home.

The perfect storm for buying a home

According to the time is now.

You have the perfect storm where the seller is eager to negotiate and the pool of buyers is small. I find that the buying process through this period also goes smoother and faster, where many agents, lenders, and inspectors are eager to get the holidays behind them and “get back to work.”

So, if you’re ready to sell/buy a home, read this blog on due diligence when buying a home. Furthermore, our private financing advice to a house flipper would also encourage now as the time to get the checklist out and spend the winter fixing that flip.

Best time to buy a home to flip

Best time to buy a home

Due diligence is an important part of sealing the deal on that property you have in mind. So much of it goes far beyond the inspection process. Here’s 5 things to consider.

  3. LAND
  4. LEGAL

Visit private financing to get approval for the capital you may need on your next flip. Because now is the best time to get the best deal!